Workstation Screen Systems

Workstation Screen Systems can be configured to suit your organisation. They are set up to suit the work your unit is doing and your unit will do the work if the environment is right.

There are many systems available and below are just a fraction of what is available. Study the brochures attached and when you need assistance please call us.

Rapidline Workstation Screen Systems

Workstation Screening Systems


The Rapidline Workstation Screen System has three basic components. They are screens, tops and legs.

Tops are hung from screens at back and one or two sides and legs at front and other end if required.

Shelves and trays can be added if desired.

Workstations can be configured in straightline or 3 or 4 way pods.

Straightline use rectangular tops 1200 x 700, 1500 x 700 and 1800mm x 700mm. Workstations are added end-on-end and back-to-back if required.

Three 1200 x 1200 x 700mm 120° tops are supported by 3 1200mm long screens to form a three way pod.

With 4 L-shaped tops supported by 4 screens and 8 legs a 4 way pod is assembled. Screens 1200, 1500 or 1800mm long are used to match the top size.

Top sizes are 1500 x 1500 x 700, 1800 x 1200 x 700, 1800 x 1500 x 700 and 1800 x 1800 x 700mm.

Top colours are White and Beech.

Screens come in lengths of 750, 1200, 1500 and 1800mm. Heights are 1250 and 1650mm. Fabric on top pinnable section is Blue or Grey.

Legs can be Span, round chrome or adjustable in white or silver.

For full details and scope download the Rapid Screen Catalogue.

Rapidline Infinity

Workstation Screen SystemsWorkstation Screen Systems

The Infinity Workstation Screen System is made up of end frames, side rails and desk top screens.

It starts with one complete desk frame for the first desk and the next is added on with another end frame and pair of rails.

The double-sided version has a double width end frame.

The desk sizes are 1200 x 700, 1500 x 700 and 1800 x 700mm.

The screens are mounted on the back of the single-sided and in the middle of the double-sided. The black screens are pinnable.

There are two leg styles. The Profile is a square leg to the floor. The Loop is a complete rectangle end frame.

The  Rapid Infinity Catalogue provides full details and how the system can be used.


Softwiring has several components. Firstly, if services are coming from the ceiling a power pole or umbilical is required.

Under desk Cable Management can be a cable tray with mounting plates for power and data outlets.

Cables run the power from the ceiling to the first cable tray and from one tray to the next.

For full details of components check out the Rapidwiring Catalogue

Quality Tailor-made Solutions

With our experienced Australian manufacturers, we can supply all products to your specifications. We can adapt to the needs of a particular project.

Send us your plans and specs and we will provide you with a very competitive quote.

Workstation Screen Systems – Leg Styles

Workstation Screen Systems

Workstation Screen Systems

Workstation Screen Systems

Workstation Screen Systems

A. ‘C’ Leg/Beam Frame   B. 50mm Square Tube Leg/Beam Frame  C. 50mm Square Tube Loop/Rail Frame  D. 38mm Diameter Round Steel Leg ‘A’ Frame

All available in Straight. Corner, 120 Degree and Back to Back Versions.

‘C’ Leg is available in fixed height, tech. height adjustable and winder height adjustable. Height adjustment comes in two ranges – 620mm – 910mm and 720mm – 1110mm (Sit/Stand)

Electric height adjustable workstations are covered under Sit/Stand.

50mm Square Tube frame is available in fixed height and tech. adjustable. The other two are fixed height only.

Sizes range from 1200 x 600 to 2400 x 900.


Workstation Screen Systems Layouts

A. Straight Line Back-to-Back       B. 90° Workstations pods of 2, 4 etc.      C. 120° Workstations pods of 3, 6 etc.

Workstation Screen Systems Screens


A. Desk Top Mounted/ Slide-on Dividers  B. Mounted below desk height  C. Floor-standing

Desk top mounted screens are fixed onto desk top with special brackets. Slide-on Dividers have a slot to slip over the edge of the desk.

Screens mounted on back-to-back workstations are supported by the cross-rails between the two sets of legs and brackets under the desk top. Single-sided desks have a special bracket.

Floor-standing screens are joined together at angles to support each other. The dividing screen is sometimes mounted 400mm above floor to allow air flow.

There are many different styles of screens.

A slimline screen can be 25mm thick sound absorbing material. These are usually made in one piece to suit the desk and extend 400 – 500mm above height of desk.

A tile screen can be 50 or 75mm thick where cabling is laid in the cavity and connected to outlets fitted to the cut-outs in the tiles. These are made in modules of 900 and 1200mm wide. Heights range from 1200 to 2400mm.

Staxis 50 Screen brochure covers all the features.

The choices of screen fabric upholstery is enormous. Therefore, an individual colour scheme can be designed.

Workstation Screen Systems – Power and Data

Workstation Screen Systems


A. Trilogy cable trays   B. Power rails    C. Cables D. Outlets for ducted screens

It is important to consider cabling requirements when designing office workstation layout. Otherwise, it can be an expensive operation to add at a later stage.

Trilogy have cable trays designed to fit their workstation frame. It comes with lids with cut-outs for power and data outlets.

Leads from the outlets are fed to the machines via cable holes or scallops.

An alternative is to connect these to a power rail on the desktop to make connecting much easier.

For ducted screens there are outlets which clip into cut-outs in the tiles.

Choices of workstation styles and screen systems is endless, therefore if you are looking to fit-out an office it would be pay to talk to us first. We can show you all the options which will fit your plan.

And we will provide an obligation free quote.