Visual Communication Solutions

Visual Communication Solutions embrace all the products which communicate through visual aids. They convey ideas and information in forms that can be read or looked at.

A visual message with text has great power to inform, educate or persuade a person or group.

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Interactive Education Display Systems

Donview LED Touch Screens are the future of Interactive Education Display Systems in Australia!Visual Communications Solutions

Teaching moves to another level with the latest in interactive display technology

A bright and sharp touchscreen is the most efficient way to engage students. It is the ideal presentation medium for classrooms.

The technology is amazing and has unlimited possibilities.

The anti-glare LED panels work well in all lighting conditions and student can see clearly from any position in the classroom

Donview Screens are backed with a 5 Year Warranty.


 Donview Presentation brochure and call for an obligation free consultation.

Visual Communication Solutions – WhiteboardsVisual Communication Solutions

Whiteboards are excellent for displaying information quickly and easily. The writing can be erased and replaced with next lesson.

Different types of whiteboards

  • Enamel surface is a paint applied to steel substrate. It accepts magnets. Life expectancy is approximately 5 years if maintained correctly.
  • Porcelain surface is a glass finish baked on steel at 800 degrees Celcius. It is very hard and has a working life of 25 years. It a;so accepts magnets.
  • Mobile Whiteboards are a double sided whiteboard which pivots on a mobile stand. The surface can be enamel of porcelain.
  • Term Planners/Music Boards. Whiteboards can be lined with lining tape and written with vinyl lettering to make any design required.

Visual Communication Solutions – Pinboards

Pinboards are ideal for pinning any notice in a location which will be seen by many.Visual Communication Solutions

There are several types of pinning surfaces which can be used:

  • Natural Cork has fine pin holding qualities
  • Krommenie is a manufactured material using ground cork and linoleum. It is available in a range of colours. The material is ‘self healing’ which means the pin hole closes when the pin is removed.
  • Fabric or Felt Covered. A range of fabrics can be used over cork, krommenie or other pinnable substrate. This is a great way to add colour to the office or classroom. Some fabrics accept velcro.
  • Mobile Noticeboards are handy for displaying information for a specific event. It can be moved to a spot where it will be seen for a specific purpose.

Pinboards – more

Visual Communication Solutions – Flipchart Easels

Flipcharts are a simple and effective Visual Communication Solutions product. Flipchart pads easily clip  onto stands.

LecturnsVisual Communication Solutions

Lecturns are an important addition to the assembly hall.

Height adjustable lecturns are ideal for students of various ages as well as teachers.



Visual Communication Solutions

Visual Communication Solutions – Glass Fronted Noticeboards

Glass fronted Noticeboards are the ideal Visual Communication Solutions for schools to display important notices permanently.