Office Shelving

Office shelving, static and mobile systems save valuable space. It is ideal for storing files, stationery and trading stock.

Office Shelving – Static

Office Shelving

Office ShelvingOffice Shelving

A. Brownbuilt RUT Shelving    B. APC Uni Shelf Shelving    C. Spacesaver Long Span Shelving     (Click on image for more information)

Brownbuilt RUT Shelving is produced in two grades. The most common is Light Duty in which the shelves are rated at 100kg UDL. The heavier grade is Medium Duty which will carry 230kg per shelf.

A powder-coated version of Light Duty is termed Commercial.

APC Uni Shelf is a light duty shelving. Higher weight loadings can be achieved with stiffening rails under shelves.

Static shelving is ideal for general office storage or lateral filing.

The same shelving can be adapted to warehouse applications.

Space Saver Long Span Shelving is a strong and robust storage system. It suits storage of large stock items up to 400kg per shelf. Getting these large items up into shelves saves space.

It is quick and easy to assemble and re-configure. With 3 prong connectors it allows longer spans and storage of larger items. Longer spans mean less uprights and savings on materials.

Office Shelving – Mobile

Office Shelving - Brownbuilt CompakMax Office obileMobile Shelving

Office Shelving

Office Shelving


A. Brownbuilt Office CompakMax  B. Brownbuilt Mechanical CompakMax C. APC EZI-SLIDE Aislesaver  D. APC EZI-DRIVE Aislesaver (Click on image for more information)

Brownbuilt Office CompakMax  is the smart hand-operated compacting office shelving system for the office. This is a platform base style, which has levelling feet on the bottom of the base. This can be easily moved and re-levelled.

Brownbuilt Mechanical CompakMax is for large and heavy applications and require assistance with moving the shelves. They are usually track on floor installations to carry the load.

APC EZI-SLIDE Aislesaver is an aluminium track style and hand-operated.

APC EZI-DRIVE Aislesaver is the chain drive version. This is essential where the unit is two or more bays deep and the contents are heavy.

Mobile shelving systems make the most out of precious floor space. And they improve inventory and file access through better organisation.

Shelving bays are available in various heights and configurations. Therefore size can be configured to fit the space and the contents being stored.

A 4 bay unit offers storage capacity equivalent to 10 four drawer filing cabinets at almost half the floor space.