Lockers are for personal items at work, school or gym. They cater for the workers small personal effects through to a wardrobe for the heavy equipment of a service officer. Security of personal effects is important in organisations and public  facilities.

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Metal Lockers



A. Go Steel Range   B. Steelco Standard Range    C. Steelco Heavy Duty Range (Click on images for more information)

Go Lockers are available in 305 and 380mm wide. Height is 1830mm. This can be in the form 1, 2 or 4 doors. The variation  to this is the 2 door Step Locker. This design provides full length hanging in both compartments.

Sloping tops are an options worth considering. They prevent tops from collecting dust and can be easily cleaned. The other benefit is that objects are not placed on top and become a injury hazard.

Seats and stands are another good option. Stands will raise the units off the floor in a wet environment. Benches as part of the stand or separate provide seating for getting changed.

Steelco Lockers also come in 305 and 380mm wide. But Steelco offers several more door combinations – single, 2 door combo and 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 doors.

Steelco Heavy Duty Lockers have been designed with double thick doors to withstand rigorous use, making them ideal for high usage areas such as schools. 3 door configuration are available.

Plastic Lockers




A.  Steelco Heavy Duty Plastic Range   B. Steelco ABS Plastic Range (Click on the images for more information)

Heavy Duty Plastic Lockers are built to last. They have endless applications and they are suited to any environment. The quality is backed with a 20 year warranty.

ABS Plastic Lockers are a stackable system. This allows for a large range of customisation possibilities. There are  infinite possibilities for the layout of the system, perfect for confined/restricted spaces.

They are waterproof, making them the perfect addition to swimming pools and gym areas.

Steelco Locking Mechanism Options:

1 – Key Lock
2 – Pad-latch Lock
3 – Combination Lock
4 – Digital Lock
5 – RFID Lock
6 – Coin Lock

Laminated Lockers


Laminex Locker Systems offer secure and durable storage solutions.

Made from Laminex material, they can withstand the most challenging environments.

The exteriors are made with a strong, Multipurpose or XR Grade  Compact Laminate.

Interior shelves and divisional elements come in wet and dry area options.

Dry area materials use hard-wearing Whiteboard MR Shelves and divisional panels.

Wet area options feature enhanced moisture-resistant VLite PVC shelves and panels.

Plus non-corrosive locks and optional non-corrosive hinges, they can handle the  toughest of punishment.

Available in several modern designs and a range of Laminex colours they offer stylish solutions.,

(Click on image for more information)