Industrial Shelving

Industrial Shelving is heavy duty to handle heavy parts. Pallet racking meets all the criteria of an industrial warehouse.

Industrial Shelving – RUT

Industrial Shelving

Industrial Shelving

A. Brownbuilt RUT Shelving          B. APC Uni Shelf Shelving (Click on image for more information)

Brownbuilt’s “Rolled Upright Type” Industrial Shelving System has become the standard for warehouse storage. RUT is the leading light to medium duty shelving since its conception in the 1930’s.

RUT shelving is roll-formed from premium pre-painted steel. This ensures durability and engineering integrity for warehouse storage applications.

The choice of standard colours (Wild Oats and Silver Grey).

Its design flexibility makes it ideal for integration into diverse environments. Applications range from industrial warehouses and storerooms, through to libraries, museums, retail outlets and offices.

RUT shelving also comprises an integral component for Brownbuilt’s market leading CompakMax Mobile Storage Systems.

RUT shelving’s bolted construction forms a strong, stable storage unit. It can be easily extended, re-configured or relocated as storage needs change over time.

APC Uni-Shelf® is a simple storage system. It is very versatile in that it can be easily added to. It can be disassembled and reconstructed in a different layout.

It is constructed from high tensile steel which makes it very strong.

The shelves are very adjustable. They can be moved up or down in 25mm increments with moving the MagiClips. This allows the system to be tailored to meet the specific needs.

Much of the Office Shelving can be adapted to industrial applications.

Industrial Shelving – Pallet Racking

Industrial Shelving

Industrial Shelving

A. Brownbuilt Selective Racking      B. APC Selective Racking (Click on image for more information)

When people think of industrial shelving they think of pallet racking. Brownbuilt Pallet racking lives up to this image.

Maximising warehouse storage is of primary concern to many organisations.

Brownbuilt Selective Pallet Racking has been designed to meet every warehouse need with proven durability, safety and flexibility.

Selective and Drive-In Racking systems enable maximum space utilisation and economic warehouse storage.

Compliant to Australian Standard AS4084-2012

APC Selective Pallet Racking provides direct access to every pallet. It is ideal for low turnover of stock with a large variation in product lines. Stock control is easy to manage.

Selective racking can make the best use of building height. Beam levels can be adjusted easily for changes in product.

It can be accessed by a large range of materials handling equipment including counterbalanced forklifts, walkie stackers and stock-pickers.

There are a large range of accessories available and a comprehensive selection of racking protection to minimise accidental impact from pallets and forklifts over time.