Secondhand Office Other

Secondhand Office Other covers smaller categories of office furniture and fixtures. Steel shelving falls under the office furniture umbrella. So too do whiteboards and pinboards and office screens. They are all popular in secondhand because they are needed in an office and people can save themselves some money.

Secondhand Office Other – Shelving

RUT Steel Shelving Bay Size: 900wide, 400deep, 2175high. Six levels, 7 shelves. Back Sheet. FirstBay $190Add-on $160 Secondhand Steel RUT Shelving. 6 levels, 7 shelves.

Secondhand Office Other – Whiteboards & Pinboards

Pinboard – fabric 2300 x 1600 Black fabric and chrome frame $240 $240 Secondhand Pinboard 2300x1600
Pinboard – fabric 1500 x 800 Black fabric and no frame $100 Secondhand PINBOARD $100 measures 1500x800
Porcelaine Whiteboard 1200×900 $177 $177 Whiteboard Porcelaine1200x900

Secondhand Office Other – Office Screens

 Freestanding Office Screens  various sizes & colours  From $120  Secondhand Office Furniture

Secondhand Office Other – Miscellaneous

Post-It Self Stick Tabletop Easel 2 available $10 Post-It Self Stick Tabletop Pad $10. 2 available
Rosewood Slab of Timber  Measures 140 x 50 x 3 cm. This would suit being made into a table top.  $100  $100 Rosewood Slab 140x53x3 $100 Rosewood Slab 140x53x3 $100 Rosewood Slab 140x53x3
Speaker Stand Tripod 2 available  $50 ea.  Secondhand Office Furniture
 Examination Couch  Adjustable.  $250  Secondhand Examination Couch $250
 Privacy Screen  Folds into thirds.  $250  Secondhand Privacy Screen $250
 Manilla Foldersbox of. Approx 200.  $10  $10 Manilla Folders box of
GONDOLA DISPLAY UNIT Adjustable. Negotiable. $600 Secondhand Gondola Display Unit $600Secondhand Gondola Display Unit $600
Wall Art Print by Claude Monet $30 $30 Secondhand Wall Art Print
REFRIDGERATOR 330 Litres $120 $120 Fridge 330 Litres. Secondhand, in good condition.$120 Fridge 330 Litres. Secondhand, in good condition.
Four Hole Punch Four hole punch $10


$10 Rexel Four Hole Punch. Secondhand.
Three Hole Punch Three hole punch $10 Secondhand Three Hole Punch $10