Secondhand Office Furniture is a part of our business which we are passionate about. In our interaction with customers we come across good quality furniture which is too good to be disposed of. We take this furniture into our warehouse, clean it up, modify it, display it and make it available to people who appreciate the value for money.

Secondhand Office Furniture – Chairs

Secondhand Office Furniture

are mostly government and commercial quality. These are ideal for businesses starting out and want to save money on setting up.

They are great value because the buyer is acquiring a high quality chair for a fraction of the cost of a new chair.

Secondhand Office Furniture – Desks

Secondhand Office Desks

are office style and range from student size to large workstations. Some will suit ‘gamers’ or people who like to spread out.

Others are compact which will fit into limited space. Most visitors will find exactly the piece they have in mind.

Secondhand Office Furniture – Cabinets

Secondhand Office Furniture

The range of cabinets change from time to time. If someone is looking for a cabinet for a special purpose it would pay to see the ones we have in stock.

Off the shelf storage cabinets do not always provide the best solution. So it pays to look around.

Secondhand Office Furniture – Bookcases

Second Hand Office Furniture

These range from to freestanding bookcases to overhead hutches for desks. Check out our range of ideas for saving space and keeping the office organised.

Finding the right bookcase is not always easy. So it pays to have a look at range in the process.

Secondhand Office Furniture – Tables

Secondhand Office Furniture


Tables range from coffee tables to lunchroom tables to boardroom tables. Great savings are to be had on setting up a training room.

Good solid tables are hard to find at the right price. Our selection of tables may provide the solution.

Secondhand Office Furniture – Other

Secondhand Office Furniture

Secondhand Office Furniture

Shelving, Whiteboards, Pinboards, Office Screens are covered in this section. And there are many other items for the office. Come in and browse around.

Metal shelving is ideal for storing stock, office supplies, files or even possessions at home. Some people do not want to spend a lot of money on this, so check out our range.

Sometimes a person may want to have a whiteboard or pinboards in a certain area to make things easier. Then a cheap one may do the trick.

Office screens are expensive to buy new. So why not look at secondhand ones.