School Desks

School desks have changed with the development of modern learning areas. Sebels new Tilt’n’Lock range come in several shapes which can be arranged in different layouts. They are easily height adjustable with their unique leg system.

The traditional school desk is still available.

Sebel Traditional School Desks

School Furniture

School Furniture

School Desks


A. C Leg Desk                   B. OP Desk                           C. GP Bench

C Leg Desk Specifications

Dimensions Square Rectangular
W x D 600 mm x 600 mm 1200 mm x 600 mm
Height: 570, 650 , 680, 720mm  570, 650 , 680, 720mm

OP Desk Specifications

Dimensions Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5
W x D 600 mm x 450 mm  600 mm x 450 mm  600 mm x 450 mm 600 mm x 450 mm 600 mm x 450 mm
Height: 540 580 630 680 725

GP Bench Specifications

Dimensions Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
W x D 1200 x 600mm 1500 x 600mm 1500 x 750mm
Height: 900mm 900mm 900mm

like the ‘C’ Leg, OP and Adjustable ‘T’ Frame have been engineered and designed for the school of the future.

They have been designed for standalone or clusters for collaborative learning.

With steel powdercoated frame and performance edge top they are rated 110 kg weight loading. That is why they carry a Sebel Lifetime Warranty.

Moulded polypropylene performance edge makes top virtually indestructible and safe for students.

Tote trays are optional.

Townsville Office Furniture is the local Authorised Dealer of Sebel Furniture. Therefore, we can offer very competitive pricing  on the Queensland DET 68449 SOA.School Furnitureschool furniture






Traditional Desk Brochure

New Twist ‘n’ Lock Height Adjustable Tables

School desks

School Desks

School Desks

A. Twist’n’Lock Leg System         B. Square Table                   C. Cinque Table

Square Table

Dimensions Square
W x D 600mm x 600mm
Height:  520, 580, 630, 680, 720 & 760mm

Cinque Table

Dimensions Cinque
W x D 785mm x 1110mm
Height: 520, 580, 630, 680, 720 & 760mm

Legs made from re-inforced polypropylene are super strong and durable. With simple adjustment grooves legs can be adjusted fast and easily. This pin-less system eliminates the problem of broken pins.

The six height adjustments from 520mm to 760mm increases the room’s flexibility.

Produced in six vibrant colours to match Postura chairs adds a touch of excitement.

The system is patened and NATA tested and certified. It is backed by a 10 year warranty.


Twist ‘n’ Lock brochure

Alphabetter Stand-up Desk

School Desks

School Desks


Why Stand Up?

  • Lead to better student performance
  • Burn more calories
  • may help prevent back and neck pain

see Brochure for more information

Page Furnishers School Desks

School Desk

School Desk

A. PF7022 Height Adjustable School Desk    B. SF15 Student Desk

PF 7022 Adjustable Height School Desks

Single – The PF 7022 – S Adjustable height desk provides a flexible addition to the learning environment. The powdercoated steel frame adjusts to 5 heights with our full range of low maintenance range of tops. The PF 7022 – S is also available with a TOTE tray.

Double – The PF 7022 – D Adjustable height desk is our double version of our flexible Adjustable Height Desk. The powdercoated steel frame adjusts to 5 heights with our full range of low maintenance range of tops. The PF 7022 – D is also available with a TOTE trays.

SF 15 Student School Desks

The SF 15 has been a standard fixture in Queensland schools for several years, developed with a light weight yet strong steel frame it comes with a large range of low maintenance tops as well.


Page Furnishers Education Brochure for more details