Filing Systems

Filing Systems are either Vertical or Lateral. Vertical suspension files hang in drawers and are arranged from front to back.

Lateral files either sit on shelves or hang from rails. They are arranged side-by-side.

Suspension Files

CabinetfileSuspension files are simplest and most popular filing systems.

Suspension Files hang on the sides of filing cabinet drawers to hold individual files.

A pack of 50 files comes with plastic tabs and paper labels.

Foolscap files are a universal size to fit all brands of filing cabinets.


Lateral Filing Systems

are used in upright cabinets such as open shelving, tambour door cabinets and compact mobile storage units.

Shelf Lateral Files

Shelf Lateral Files are ideal wheAvery Shelf Lateral Filere high volume filing systems are required.

Lateral filing systems will fit up to four times the amount of filing that filing cabinets will provide in the sames space.

Files are labelled with self adhesive ‘alpha’ or ‘numeric’ colour labels. This makes it difficult to misfile.

File folders are heavy board which does not bend when sitting on their spines.Lateral File Shelf Rack

Files are kept upright with a shelf file rack or toaster rack.

The rack sits on the shelf and hooks over the front. The bar at the back keeps all folders level at the front.

Hook files L'Oblique Hook Files

are hanging lateral filing systems.

The wire hooks are easy to place and remove from the twin rails.

They have a magnified plastic label tab on the front for easy reading.

The individual folders are clipped together with press-studs.

The folders are available with wider bases for large files.