Office Supplies

Townsville Office Furniture range also includes related office supplies.Products which are an extension of our furniture and storage range.

The business has acquired a wealth of experience, knowledge and suppliers over decades operation and can source any extras the customer wants.

Office Supplies – Whiteboards and Pinboards

Whiteboards and pinboards are an important tool for communication of information to staff. The staff noticeboard keeps the staff posted on important events coming up in the organisation.

Whiteboards have many applications for staff training, movement in and out of the office and reminding staff members of jobs to be done.

Whiteboards can be wall-mounted or mobile. The surface is mostly enamel which has a 5 year warranty or porcelain which has a 20 year warranty. Both surfaces are on a steel backing which accepts magnets. The boards are NOT MAGNETIC but rather have……..MAGNETIC ATTRACTION!

Glassboards are also popular. They look sleek and smart.

Pinboards come in a variety of materials. There is natural cork and krommenie which is a reconstituted cork. Fabric covered pinboards are screen fabric over a sub-strate of pinnable foam or cork. The fabric can be one which accepts velcro.

Glass fronted noticeboards are usually mounted in reception areas or outside. If they are mounted outside in the weather they need to be sealed to keep out any moisture.

Office Supplies – Chair Mats

Chair mats are a very important addition to the workstation. They reduce wear and tear on the chair, floor coverings and operated alike.

Office Supplies – Brochure Racks

The right brochure rack for the foyer is not obtrusive but keeps all brochures neat and orderly. Carousel, wall mounted and desk top models are available.

Office Supplies – Lecterns

The lectern is an integral piece of equipment for the auditorium. They range from a basic stand through to hi-tech with microphone facility and audiovisual equipment control panel.

Office Supplies – Filing Systems

We look at Filing Systems are two parts – cabinetry and file holders.

Cabinetry includes vertical filing cabinets, lateral filing cabinets, open shelving, tambour door cabinets, compact mobile shelving and others.

File holders cover suspension files, lateral hanging files, lateral on shelf files, lever arch files, archive boxes and others.