SitStand Desks

SitStand Desks

Why SitStand desks? SitStand Desks enable you to:

  1. Easily move from Sit and Stand while working with ease
  2. Reduce OHS risks
  3. Increase productivity with increased comfort levels with our height adjustable desks
  4. Assist injured staff to get back to work and support their needs

With just a push of a button you can go from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds delivering you a much healthier work environment. SitStand Desks help prevent back and health problems that can occur from sitting for long periods of time in the workplace.

Changing your working position regularly and doing exercises at work helps to prevent back problems and related heart disease. Our quality manufactured sit stand desks also support people who already suffer from back related problems to change between sitting and standing and continue working productively while providing relief. Sit stand desks can therefore assist people with injuries to return to the workforce.

Our SitStand desks are also available in workstation configurations.

Extensive studies have shown that sitting or standing all day can be both challenging and unhealthy for the body, being able to freely move between sitting and standing helps to provide a healthy and productive workplace.

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Electric Height Adjustable SitStand Desks

SitStand Desk


A. TOC Phase  B. Elevar E Series   C. Sylex Arise   D. Thinking Works Elevation E. Rapid Span

All desks have height range between 600mm and 1300mm. Height settings are quick and programmable and have anti-collision mechanism.

Weight loadings are 100+kg.

All desks have options for 90° and 120° workstations in a range of sizes.

Check individual brochures for specific features.

For seating visit the SitStand Stool page

Elevar Sit to Stand Modules

SitStand DesksSitStand DeskSitStand Desks

A. Elevar QuickShift   B. Elevar Maxishift-X   C. Elevar Maxishift-E

Convert any desk into a sitstand desk with a Sit to Stand Module.

The QuickShift’s gas assisted height adjustment system allows the user to stop wherever the most comfortable is for them and helps the unit raise and lower effortlessly when tensioned.

The Maxishifts have the adjustable tension scissor action which is easy to adjust to any height up to 575mm.

With the large platform screens can be placed at the right position. Or Single or Dual Monitor Arms can be mounted on the platform.

The keyboard platform is perfectly co-ordinated with the screen platform.

The Maxishift-X is tension adjusted and with release of lever the platforms can be placed at any level.

The MaxiShift-E is a versatile electric height adjustable sit to stand module that can be raised
and lowered at the push of a button!

 Mobile Laptop SitStand Desk

The new UPANATOM mobile laptop SitStand desk is a compact economical manual solution. Featuring a single lever gas assist height adjustable polypropylene Upanatomplatform large enough to suit a 17 inch laptop. Retractable mouse pad & cup holder. Locking castors. Two handles for easy mobility. Extra wide starship base foe maximum stability. 10 Year Warranty.


  • Desk Height Min: 720mm
  • Desk Height Max: 980mm
  • Overall top width: 600mm
  • Overall top depth: 385mm
  • Foot span: 630 x 625mm

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