Training Tables

Training Tables

Training tables are smaller tables with the flexibility to move and re-arrange in different layouts for different types of training sessions.

The range of tables include rectangular, trapezoidal, folding leg and flip top or turn tables.

A good size for a table is 1500 long for 2 people of 2100 long for 3 people.

Tables can be arranged in classroom style or U-shaped for conference. However, the layouts are unlimited with flexible tables.

Rapidline has a large range of tables some of which are suitable for training. These are economical but are limited in sizes and colours.

Folding Office Tables

Folding Office Tables

Flip Top Office Tables

Office Tables

Office Tables


A. Worker Folding Table  B. Rapid Flip Table  C. Typhoon Flip Table  D. Poly Folding Table

Worker Folding Tables

are a great idea for extra work surfaces or training when required.They match the office furniture and can be stored away when not required.

Sizes: 1500 x 750, 1800 x 750 & 1800 x 900

Flip Top Office Tables

are the ideal table for training and functions. They are easy to set up in various layouts. Simply roll them out into position, pull the lever and flip the top down into position. When finished pull the lever, flip the top up and roll away to a corner of the room.

Sizes: 1500 x 750 & 1800 x 750

Frames are a clean Silver powdercoat finish and top colours are same as steel frame office tables.

Typhoon Flip Top Folding Office Tables

are ideal for the professional training room.

They are available in 1500 x 750 and 1800 x 750.

Top colours are Beech, Cherry, White and Grey.

Poly Folding Office Tables

are very handy to have around the office for occasions when extra work space is required.

Sizes are 1800 x 750 and 2000 x 900.

Commercial Training Tables