Boardroom Tables

Boardroom Tables are available in a myriad of styles and sizes.

Firstly, there is the base. Bases range from upright legs, H-base and vast range of polished alloy feet.

Secondly, the top can be a simple 25mm board with rigid edging through to timber veneer with a solid bull-nose edge.


Popular shapes are rectangular, boat shaped, D End and Bow End.

Boardroom Tables Shapes






Size will depend on how many people intended to sit and the size of the room.

This is a guide on sizes:

1800 x 900 – Seat 6  2400 x 1200 – Seat 8  3000 x 1200 – Seat 10  3600 x 1200 – Seat 12  3600 x 1500 – Seat 12 -14  4000 x 1500 – Seat 14 – 16  4500 x 1500 – Seat 16 – 18      5000 x 1500 – Seat 18 – 20


Tables for Boardroom Brochure


Bendix Deakin Boardroom Tables

Bendix Deakin Boardroom TablesBendix Deakin Boardroom Tables are a simple 25mm melamine top on an H-base. This table is 2400 x 1200 with D-Ends. It seats 8 people.

It can be ordered in any of Bendix standard melamine colour range.



Milano Bases

Milano Base Boardroom TablesMilano Base Boardroom TablesThere are many choices of polished alloy base kits for boardroom tables. This one is the Milano. The image on the left shows the frame by itself and the one on the right is of a table made up.



Eona Base Boardroom Tables

Eona Base Boardroom TablesBoardroom Tables by Bendix are the finest commercial quality. This is an example of a white melamine top with bow ends and a Fuel In Desk Box. The legs are the stylish Eona set.




Aspire Design Boardroom Tables

Aspire Design Boardroom TablesAspire Design produce excellent tables and cabinets for the boardroom. Aspire have used a unique two layer top.

The Trapeze leg system has been used to round off a professional piece of furniture.



Custom Made Boardroom Tables

Custom Made Boardroom TablesTownsville Office Furniture specializes in designing tables to the client’s requirements.

This is a recent installation in a corporate boardroom. The top is 4000 long x 1500 wide boat shaped with 33mm timber veneer and shark nosed edge. It has four Fuel In Desk Boxes and cable trays under to manage the power and data.