Office Shelving

Office shelving, fixed and mobile systems save valuable space. It is ideal for storing files, stationery and trading stock.

Office Shelving – Ezi-Store Moduline

Commando Ezi-Store Moduline shelving is versatile.Office Shelving

The modular design and range of sizes allows the system to be configured to suit your space. With sufficient sizes of shelves, uprights and back sheets bays can be built for most requirements.

Stacks can be made single-sided or double-sided and required length by adding bays.






Office Shelving – Brownbuilt Mobile

Brownbuilt CompakMax Office is the smart hand-operated compacting office shel

Office Shelving - Brownbuilt CompakMax Office obile

ving system for the office.

Get the most out of your precious floor space. And improve inventory and file access through better organisation.

A single BOC-A configuration offers storage capacity equivalent to 10 four drawer filing cabinets at almost half the floor space.


Brownbuilt CompakMax Office Brochure


Secondhand Mobile Office Shelving

Secondhand compactus


Secondhand units are great value for money.

Whenever we can we acquire these for resale. Check our Secondhand Office Furniture page for current stock.



 Office Shelving – Commando Ezi-Glide Office Mobile Shelving System

Commando Ezi-Glide Office Mobile Shelving Systems, provEzi-Glide Office Mobile Shelving Systemide a high capacity office shelving system. It is available in a range of standard sizes, which can also be tailor-made to suit your specific needs. The office shelving system has been designed and manufactured according to Australian Standards and workplace conditions. If provides ease of use and is available in hand operated or mechanically assisted configurations. A wide range of accessories are available to complement the Ezi-Glide Office Mobile Shelving System.


Commando EZIGLIDE OFFICE Brochure

 APC Ezi-Drive® ST mobile shelving system

This system represents the ultimate refinement in high density storage.Office Shelving

Each bay remains stable whilst being moved due to the discreet anti-tilt mechanism which distributes the load weight evenly.

Shelving bays are available in various heights and configurations. Therefore size can be configured to fit the space and the contents being stored.


APC Ezi-Drive ST Aisle-Saver Brochure