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Office Shelving - Brownbuilt CompakMax Office obileOffice Shelving – Brownbuilt Mobile

Brownbuilt CompakMax Office is the smart hand-operated compacting office shelving system for the office.

Get the most out of your precious floor space. And improve inventory and file access through better organisation.

A single BOC-A configuration offers storage capacity equivalent to 10 four drawer filing cabinets at almost half the floor space.

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Brownbuilt offers many archival solutions. To see these go to their website

Secondhand Mobile Office Shelving

Secondhand compactus

BOC-D 1200 wide

6 Bays 1200 x 400 x 1800 High

5 Shelves per bay

only $2,400

2 more units 900 wide $2200 ea.


Office Shelving - Brownbuilt Mobile Versatrac CompakMaxVersatrac is a light, compact mobile office shelving system.

Versatrac is available in conventional cross-aisle or transverse configurations.

Your available storage space and accessibility requirements will determine which way.

The low profile aluminium track and precision bearing load wheel system allows easy movement of shelving units. The on-floor installation reduces floor preparation to a minimum. And allows easy relocation of the unit. Operator safety is ensured through the overhead stabiliser system. This supports the mobile shelving bays, preventing tipping.

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Brownbuilt offers many solutions for office storage. To see these go to their website


Office Shelving - Brownbuilt Fixed - CommercialOffice Shelving – Brownbuilt Fixed

Brownbuilt Commercial Shelving is the perfect answer for any type of office with restricted space. It has been developed to compliment modern efficient records management and office shelving systems.

Commercial Shelving combines the strength and durability of Light Duty RUT office shelving with aesthetics and versatility. This enhances modern office designs. Metal cover panels ensure a clean, attractive finish to the ends of shelving stacks.

Durable thermo-set powder coat finishes are used for all components. This is more scratch resistant than baked enamel. A wide range of standard contemporary colours are available. This allow Commercial Office Shelving to be integrated into most office environments.

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 Library Shelving – Brownbuilt

 Library Shelving - BrownbuiltBrownbuilt free-standing library shelving is designed to provide efficient and economical library storage and display facilities.

Flexible design layout and a wide range of accessories ensure storage versatility and utilisation of available space. Uprights are double-punched to allow independent, adjacent shelf positions with 20mm vertical height adjustment.

Ease of installation and dismantling means that Brownbuilt library shelving can facilitate expansion, contraction or re-location of storage.

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 Office Shelving – Commando Mobile

Ezi-Glide Office Mobile Shelving System

Commando Ezi-Glide Office Mobile Shelving Systems, provEzi-Glide Office Mobile Shelving Systemide a high capacity office shelving system. It is available in a range of standard sizes, which can also be tailor-made to suit your specific needs. The office shelving system has been designed and manufactured according to Australian Standards and workplace conditions. If provides ease of use and is available in hand operated or mechanically assisted configurations. A wide range of accessories are available to complement the Ezi-Glide Office Mobile Shelving System.

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Commando offer many variations of mobile shelving. To view these go to their website