Office Cabinets

Go Office Cabinets

Go Cupboards are handy storage cabinets for the office or around the home.

There is a size for all situations. 2000mm high has 4 adjustable shelves,

Go Office Cabinets

1800mm high has 3 shelves and 1000mm high has 2 shelves. Shelves are 900 x 400mm.

Graphite Ripple and Silver Grey cover the colour choices.


Go Steel Storage Brochure

 Go Office Cabinets – Lockers

Go Office Cabinets - Lockers

Go lockers are the ideal storage unit for staff to store their personal effects.

Single door have shelf at top with a hanging rail below for full length hanging. Two door have hanging for shirts and folded trousers. Four door are for storing smaller items like handbags and shoes.

Silver grey is the standard colour, with White now available.


Go Steel Storage Brochure


 Brownbuilt Office Cabinets

Brownbuilt Office Cabinets encompass the traditional vertical filing cabinets, stationery cupboards, personal lockers, tambour door cupboards, mobile pedestals and plan drawer cabinets.

For details of Brownbuilt range of office cabinets go to Brownbuilt website

 Namco Swing Door Office Cabinets

 Namco Swing Door Office CabinetsNamco Swing Door Cupboards are a stalwart of the Brownbuilt Office Cabinet range. Swing door cupboards have been designed to function in diverse environments to carry anything from stationery to light machinery parts and tools.

They can be configured as shelving units, multi-media storage units, wardrobes or as combinations.

Brownbuilt offers design strength that will stand up to the test of time. Integrated door frames with welded tops, fixed bottom shelves and shelf load capacity of 110kg (UDL) ensure a strong and stable storage unit. For more details download the Namco Swing Door Office Cabinet Brochure.


Brownbuilt Tambour Office Cabinets

Brownbuilt Tambour Office CabinetsBrownbuilt Tambour Cupboards are ideal lateral filing office cabinets.

The tambour door system glides easily along injection-moulded tracks designed with a rolling radius, and fully recede into the cupboard carcass, offering unimpeded access.

A single-point, key-activated locking system operates in metal lead tambour slats to secure the cupboard’s contents.

The tambour cupboard carcass features a quality metal construction, with a welded metal support frame for durability.

For more details download the Brownbuilt Tambour Office Cabinet Brochure.


Brownbuilt Office Cabinets – Lockers

Brownbuilt Office Cabinets - Lockers

Whatever your needs, a Brownbuilt locker will accommodate them. Our expert staff are available for on-site consultations, to determine individual storage solutions for optimum user comfort, safety and space efficiency.

Brownbuilt have an unmatched range with modern designs that are both flexible and stand the test of time.

For full details of lockers download the Brownbuilt Steel Locker Brochure.

Brownbuilt Office Cabinets – Plan Cabinets

Brownbuilt Office Cabinets - Plan CabinetsBrownbuilt horizontal plan files have been engineered for safe, efficient storage of diverse materials ranging from plans, maps, charts, photographs, engineering drawings, artwork through to geological and biological samples.

Download Brownbuilt Plan Cabinet Brochure


 Steelco Office Cabinets Steelco Office Cabinets - Personal Wardrobe

Steelco Personal Wardrobe is ideal for workers require to a change of uniform and personal protection equipment (PPE). A typical situation is a fire stations.

The personal wardrobe offers a combination of hanging space and shelf storage

Dimensions are 1830 High x 915 Wide x 465 Deep



Steelco Glass Fronted Cabinets is useful for storing folders which need to be visible. They also make great display cabinets and shop counters. Steelco Office Cabinets - Glass Fronted Cabinet


  • 1015 H x 914 W x 463 D
  • 1015 H x 1500 W x 463 D
  • 1830 H x 914 W x 463 D
  • 1830 H x 1500 W x 463 D



Steelco Multi Media Cabinets are a very durable cabinet that is ideal for all media related needs. The unit is fitted with a secure locking mechanism as standard to ensure media goods safety. Available with drawer dividers for clear and easy access to media goods.

It is available in 7 & 10 drawer.  Steelco Office Cabinets - Multimedia Cabinet


  • 7 Drawer 1320 H x 790 W x 620 D
  • 10 Drawer 1370H x 710 W x 620 D