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Go Filing CabinetsGo Steel Filing Cabinets

Go Filing Cabinets and storage cabinets from Rapidline is a concise range covering the office essentials – filing cabinets, stationery cupboards, personal lockers, mobile pedestals and steel shelving.


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Go Mobile Pedestals are used for under desk filing cabinets and small equipment.Go Filing Cabinets - Mobile Pedestal

Two personal and one filing drawer is the universal combination for mobile pedestals. Ball bearing runners make the drawers very smooth to operate.

Three colours allow them to go with most office furniture. Colours are Precious Silver, Graphite Ripple and China White.



Go Shelving Units make ideal lateral filing cabinets. With shelveGo Filing Cabinets - Shelvings 455mm deep they are perfect for foolscap lateral files.

Otherwise they are suitable for general office storage and stationery.

The dimensions are 2000mm high x 910mm wide x 455mm deep. Colour is Silver Grey.


Steelco Filing Cabinets

Steelco vertical filing cabinets are ideal for high volume storage. Drawers have full double extension ball bearing runners for full drawer access and an anti-tilt mechanism to ensure operator safety.

As well as 2, 3 & 4 foolscap drawer options there is a 3 drawer A3 size model.

Steelco filing cabinets are the only cabinets on the market with AFRDI certification.


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Steelco Trimline Mobile Pedestal

This cabinet is designed to look stylish under any office desk whilst taking up less space.


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Steelco Slimline Mobile Pedestal

The Slimline Mobile Pedestal has adapted to the changing evolution of technology where less filing is required. Steelco has introduced the least intrusive workstation cabinet.


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Steelco Trimline Mobile Caddy

The Trimline Mobile Caddy is a very handy unit with shelf storage as well as drawers.

It can be used under desk storage or beside as an extended work-space. The storage compartment can be open shelves or have a tambour side door. The unit is also able to be left handed or right handed.


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Brownbuilt Horizontal Plan Filing CabinetsBrownbuilt Horizontal Plan Filing Cabinets

have been engineered for safe, efficient storage of diverse materials ranging from plans, maps, charts, photographs, engineering drawings, artwork through to geological and biological samples.


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