Workstation Screen Systems

Axis Workstation Screen Systems

The modular workspace system for high density office spaces

An intelligent approach to office design is to recognize that the core element in an office
is the desk. Stripping the desk down to its bare simplicity and proAxis Workstation Screen Systemsviding concealed routing
of services gives a refreshing feel of uncluttered space. Its modular structure guarantees
adaptable layouts and solutions to support a multitude of ways of working.

Work modules link in clusters and combine with screens and storage to define individual areas for heads down work. The same desk elements work in private offices and as linear
benching for collaborative work spaces.

The best office environments are those that create a sense of community & space and support dynamic changes in workplace technologies and evolving work practices.

To find out more about options and add-ons download the Axis System Brochure

Bendix Data Workstation Screen Systems

The Workstation Screen Systems are an important part of Bendix’s ability to carry out large fitouts.

The Bendix Workstation Screen Systems is a modular system. Screens, posts, wall starts and ends are made various sizes.  They are easily connected to each other and can be configured to fit any layout.

Standard Panel sizes are 1200, 1500 & 1800mm high and 750, 900, 1050 & 1200mm long.

Data Panel Workstation Screen SystemsBendix Workstation Screen Systems Panel Type have fixed panels. Ducting for power and data is an extrusion with 2 channels and facility for removable cover.The ducting is built into the screen at base or desk height. The cover can be fitted with GPO and data outlet frames where required.

Data Tile Workstation Screen SystemsBendix Workstation Screen Systems Tile Type has removable panels or tiles. There is no need for a ducting channel because cabling can be run inside the screens.

The tiles can be fitted with GPO and data outlet frames where required.

Download Bendix Data Workstation Screen Systems Brochure

Data Workstation Screen Systems Fit-outInstallation of Bendix Panel Workstation Screen Systems with Power Pole supplying power and data to the workstations.

The fitout features screen hung shelves.

Data Workstation Screen Systems Fit-outAnother installation of Bendix Panel Workstation Screen Systems with Power Blades used to supply services.

Data Workstation Screen Systems Fit-outThis installation of Bendix Panel Workstation Screen Systems features glass panels. Glass panels allow some visibility but still protects the privacy.

Rapid Screen Workstation Screen Systems

The Rapid Screen Office Partitions is a modular system.

Download the Rapid Screen Office Partitions Catalogue

Rapid Screen Workstation Screen SystemsRapid Screen Workstation Screen Systems TopsJoining-poles

With these screens and workstation tops many office layouts can be set-up.

The screens are floor standing and come in heights of 1250mm & 1650mm and lengths of 750, 1200, 1500 & 1800mm.

There are 3 rectangular & 5 workstation tops sizes which hang off the screens and supported at front with legs. Accessories for storing books and stationery and cable management make up the suite.

See some of the many set-ups available below.

Rapid Screen Workstation Screen SystemsRapid Screen Office Partitions 2 person workstation with 1650mm high screens at back and 1250mm high dividing screen.

Workstations are screen hung on one end and back with Rapid Span leg on outside end.

Screens feature screen hung shelf and document tray.


Rapid Screen Workstation Screen SystemsRapid Screen Office Partitions 3 person workstation with 3 way screens 1650mm high.

120  deg. workstations are screen hung at back and supported by round legs at front.


Rapid ScreRapid Screen Workstation Screen Systemsen Office Partitions 4 person workstation with 1250mm and 1650mm high screens.

Workstations are freestanding Rapid Span workstations.


 Vision Office Interiors Workstation Screen Systems

The Division Screen System is a stylish, flexible system with many accessories and options available. 40mm thick, this office screen can be used to create screen hung workstations and can be maDivision Workstation Screen Systemsde mobile or freestanding.

The Division Screen System is Vision Office Interiors original product and has been widely distributed.  This screen has many functional accessories including paper trays and shelves.  Wave top and curved top options are also available.

Download Division Screen Brochure


A modern 25mm, aluminium office screen system. Strong, lightweight and competitively priced, Adaption is easy to inAdaption Workstation Screen Systemsstall and reconfigure and is becoming popular in the office furniture industry.

Adaption can be desk mounted, freestanding and has the facility to have Acrylic or Perspex instead or, in addition to, fabric.  Adaption also has a built in tool rail to accept accessories.

Download Adaption Screen Brochure


The industry’s first true ‘Green’ office screen.  Made almost entirely from  recycled cardboard, Greco uses water based glues and innovative technology to be a market leading product.  At the end of the product’s lifespan it can be easily disassembled and reGreco Workstation Screen Systemscycled again. A first for office furniture.

We recommend the use of recycled fabric with this screen, which boosts the total content of recycled product in each screen to 95%.  Due to the design of the cardboard core, Greco is extremely strong and light weight, therefore contributing to a reduction in transport costs of the goods.

Download Greco Screen Brochure

 Screen Solutions Queensland

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Direction 50mm Screen System – Versatile, functional and affordable system to suit most office applications. Cat 5 and Cat 6 compliant. Direction 50 can be hard or soft wired, and services can be located below or above worktops.Directions Workstation Screen Systems

Direction 65mm Screen System – The Direction 65 SysteConnection 65 Workstation Screen Systemsm facilitates greater power and data handling, allowing multiple users access from a single entry point.