Reception Desks

Aspire Reception Desks

Aspire Design Furniture’s First Impressions Reception DReception Deskesks and Reception Counters cover a multitude of design, colours and shapes for every Reception area requirement.

The first Impressions Series offers clean lines and simple looks that embody style and elegance. We are able to supply a Classic style of Reception Counter through to the way out brilliance of LReception DeskED lighting or even the colourful inclusion of acrylic.

An Aspire Design Furniture Reception Counter with it’s sturdy and stylish design will appropriately enhance your Reception Area and will provide a professional “First Impression” to your visitors and potential customers.


Aspire Reception Desks - Waterfall

Aspire First Impressions Range brochure

ASpire colour range



Bendix Reception Desks

 Bendix Reception Desks

The Bendix Data Office Workstations has a very functional reception desk.

The work surface has all the features of a standard workstation but with the added privacy of reception cowls.  Bendix Reception Desks

The cowl is done in a stylish stepped format.  This allows a high section in centre to accomodate the computer monitor and a lower sections on either side to provide visibility and accessibility.

 The finishes available are any of the colours from the Laminex Commercial palate. This can be one colour or a combination of two colours.


Laminex Commercial palate


Commercial Reception Desks

Queensland manufacturers make a variety of Reception Desks. All in the commercial style but ranging from basic desk with reception cowl to splay desks with full modesty front. The Milestone is something different.Milestone Reception Desks

All desks can be made in any of the Laminex commercial palette range of melamine colours.


Commercial Reception Desk Range Brochure



Rapidline Reception Desks

Rapidline have a range of reception desks available for quick delivery. The Worker anReception Desksd Manager match the furniture in those ranges. For something a bit different there is the Flow Reception Counter.


Rapidline Reception Desk Brochure