Bookcases and office storage covers a wide range of products. These include freestanding bookcases, hutches, credenzas and cupboards.

The attached brochures try to cover all these options.


Rapidline Bookcases Brochure

Commercial Bookcase Brochure

Freestanding Bookcases

Desk ranges include matching bookcases, hutches, credenzas, cupboards and filing cBookcasesBookcasesabinets.

Commercial Bookcases are made in standard sizes to fit in with other pieces in the range.

Heights are usually 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800mm

Widths are usually 900 or 1200mm

Depth is 300 – 375mm

Custom sizes can be ordered.

Bookcases – Hutches

Hutches are made to sit on a workstation or a credenza to make a wall unit.Bookcases

A workstation hutch can have the bottom shelf fixed at 500mm above desk height to allow for computer monitor and clear work area.Bookcases - Manager Hutch

Bookcases - Pigeon Hole Hutch Bookcases - Flipper Door Hutch

Some exciting features can be incorporated into Bookcases - Desk Top Caddyhutches. Options include pigeon hole section, flipper doors and other storage ideas.

A caddy is a useful hutch. It allows to files and folders to be stored up out of the way.



Bookcases – Supa StakaBookcases - Supa Staka System

The Supa Staka range is a modular bookcase hutch system. It has a base unit and an add-on unit which can go 2 high making a 3 tier unit. The base unit comes with a pinboard on the inside back. It comes in 4 lengths – 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2100mm making it suitable to fit on all Rapidline Worker and Manager desks and workstations. There are also doors available to fit the double stacks.



Bookcases – CredenzasBookcases

Credenzas are useful storage and work surfaces for offices. Being same height as desks they can be an extension of desk or stand alone.

Standard lengths are 1200, 1500 and 1800mm. Depth can be 450 or 600mm.Bookcases

Doors are usually slidiBookcasesng to save space.

With a hutch on top they make excellent wall units.